Youth Gangs
what are the activities of a gang and how they try to stop them

They do a lot of things, and they are involved in all areas of street-crimes. They do things like extortion, drugs trafficking, murder, robbery and kidnapping. They will do everything for their gang.

The gang members do that kind of things, in or out prison. The leaders have a lot of power. So even they are in jail, they will ‘’keep the business up’’. They will give they members orders when they visit them and that is why it is so difficult to eradicate the gangs.

The prison-gangs do things like prostitution, assaults, kidnappings and murders.  they do less more to drugs trafficking.
They do a lot to stop gangs. The most important thing is, special jails for gang leaders and members. That are jails where you can’t visit the person who is in jail and if you can, the guards will listen to what you say.
Also they will try to persuade to stop with the gang. It doesn’t work very good because the most gang members have a punishment that is death row, of life-long. The don’t have a motivation to stop with the gang so they won’t do it.

Also they set more police in, in the neighbourhoods where are a lot of gangs, so it is much saver.

They will give a lot of information on schools about gangs and so they try to keep them away from the gang-life.