Youth Gangs
how are gangs defined

A gang is a group of 3 or more people who have the same idea of the community identity. Now, when they speak of gangs, they think of a criminal group of teenagers. In the past referred to a group of workman. In the United Kingdom is the word still used in this sentence.

The word gang is derives from the verb to go in the past participle. It is cognate with the old word gangr in old Norse, what means ‘a group of people’.

Gangs are everywhere in the world but the most are in big city’s and in poor neighbourhoods. Los Angeles is the main city of the gangs. There are more then 120.000 people who are in a gang. So you have a lot of different gangs. You can recognize with which gang you deal with, by their tattoos. Every gang has his own tattoo and all gang members have one. Every gang has his own name and a colour. So do you have gangs who have the colour red, blue of yellow.

Sometimes a gang starts when they gang member are all in jail. They find each other there and they establish a gang. That kind of gangs are called prison-gangs.